Earn What You Charge

Jun 18, 2018 | Crypto News


By: Jason Whang


An astonishing 80% of Americans are in debt, and 39% of Americans are reported to
have unpaid credit card expenses making credit card debt one of the leading causes of debt.¹

  1. For businesses, overdue debt forces them to rely on collection agencies that often charge 20-50% of
    the debt owed depending on how long the debt has been accruing.²
  2. However, there is now a novel and superior alternative to collection agencies: ChargaCard.

ChargaCard is a network that directly connects product and service providers with their
clients based on same-day Automated Clearing House, a network used to transfer electronic
funds in the United States. By offering a financing alternative to their customers, businesses
build loyalty and boost revenues, and customers benefit from a new payment option based
on an alternative credit scoring system. ChargaCard offers businesses a software system for
recurring billing, business-to-consumer financing, and risk management services through its
proprietary ChargaCard system.

ChargaCard is simple. It automates the installment payments from client to business. A
client can initiate the installment plan with a service provider or a service provider can
provide a credit line to a client. Once the designated monthly payment is approved, the
automated system transfers the funds automatically every month. By eliminating the need
for the client to manually make payments, ChargaCard precludes clients from forgetting to
pay their bills and eliminates the need to pay expensive collection agencies.

ChargaCard is affordable. With no monthly or business fees, a 0% interest rate and only 1%
of the transaction taken from the business and the customer, ChargaCard allows businesses
to keep a greater proportion of the money that they deserve.

ChargaCard is safe. It is partnered with Dwolla, a powerful payments platform that securely
connects to bank or credit union accounts to enable the transfer of money for any individual
or organization in the U.S. Dwolla protects customers’ data through secure servers and a
world-class cloud environment. Dwolla’s servers are encrypted with 128-bit or greater
encryption controlled by Transport Layer Security (TLS) and sit behind firewall and
intrusion protection. ChargaCard’s cloud service, therefore, offers a highly secure
environment with a dedicated security team.

The International Monetary Fund noted that the “global economy is more deeply indebted
than before the financial crisis…”³ and as a result, more and more companies are relying on
collection agencies to get the money that they are owed. In aggregate, millions in revenue
are lost to these agencies, and ChargaCard provides the most affordable and reliable

ChargaCard is an operating subsidiary of Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp., a
blockchain technology company leveraging the power of blockchain technologies to provide
clients with an end-to-end cryptocurrency lifestyle solution. To learn more about Cryptanite
and the myriad innovative applications in its ecosystem, please visit


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