Invest like a King

Jun 21, 2018 | Crypto News


By: Jason Whang


Despite its complexities and skyrocketing prices within the past year, cryptocurrency has
captured the public’s imagination. In fact, people have been getting addicted to cryptocurrency
forcing hospitals to open rehab programs for them! ¹ So, it is not surprising that people have been
flocking to invest in it to reel in enormous profits. However, with the thousands of different
cryptocurrencies out there, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, and Dogecoin (just to name a
few) all with different functions, it is virtually impossible for the lay person to know which coin
to invest in. As such, many have decided to simply put their hard-earned money into Bitcoin with
its $55 billion market cap leading the market, but there is a smarter way to invest to maximize

Cryptanite Blockchain Technologies Corp. has created a website to better help invest in
cryptocurrency: CryptaKings. CryptaKings is an expert network to help current and potential
cryptocurrency investors navigate the oftentimes confusing and volatile cryptocurrency
marketplace by allowing its users to track the performance of the top traders. It gives them an
opportunity to follow the activity of successful traders so that even a novice investor can invest
like a professional.

CryptaKings differs from other cryptocurrency investment sites in myriad ways. First, the user is
not required to send funds to a trader. The user is the trader and can directly invest in whichever
cryptocurrency the user wishes. Furthermore, because CryptaKings is a community, traders are
not just anonymous wallet holders. Users have the opportunity to develop trading expertise
through communications with professional investors like commenting, liking, sharing, following
other users and by creating groups. This collaborative effort of the users will allow for everyone
to better understand what to invest in, to give advice, to track what numerous traders are
investing in, and to make better decisions while investing.

To supplement this preexisting network, CryptaKings is currently developing additional
functions for the website like investment notifications that will allow the user to receive a
notification when a trader he follows buys or sells cryptocurrencies, so that the user will be able
to choose whether to copy this trader’s trades or not. To make this even more efficient, the
platform is looking to offer an option to allow the user to automatically copy a certain trader’s
transactions and make investments by leveraging the knowledge of a professional investor.

With no fees and the opportunity to invest more strategically, CryptaKings will help everyone
increase their returns. For those who may not have the time to research the profitability of
numerous different cryptocurrencies or who have no prior experience in investing in
cryptocurrencies, there is no longer a fear of not knowing which cryptocurrencies to invest in.

The time is ripe to invest and what better way than to invest like the king.
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